What we do – Helping to Educate and Inform

Every day, team members at Everything Dinosaur receive drawings, pictures, photographs, letters and questions from school children and other young dinosaur fans.  We try our best to respond to all those that require a reply.  We encourage creative writing as part of the extension activities that lead on from our dinosaur workshops in schools, as a result, we get lots and lots of letters, stories and fact sheets sent in.

We read them all and we are grateful for every one that we get.  We do our best to acknowledge all that we receive and we have prehistoric animal fans all over the world.  This fact was brought home to us, when over the last two days we have had correspondence from the United States, Canada, India, Australia, Spain and Mexico.

A Triceratops Illustration from India (M. V. Eashwar)

Children send in their drawings of prehistoric animals to Everything Dinosaur.

Children send in their drawings of prehistoric animals to Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: M. V. Eashwar

Our team members are happy to receive such correspondence, especially any letters or notes written by children as part of a teaching exercise.  We are keen to help young people develop their writing skills and confidence.  The above picture of a Triceratops was sent in to us by a dinosaur fan who lives in India – great drawing.

A big thank you to all those mums, dads, grandparents and guardians who praise us for our website: Everything Dinosaur Toys, Models and Games etc.

We are happy to help.

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