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by Mr Cartmel on Everything Dinosaur
Dinosaurs with Key Stage 1

A paced mixture of tactile, physical and cognitive activities delivered in a highly interesting manner. The dinosaurs wee brought alive by Mike and the children. Super session.

by Sophie Ashworth on Everything Dinosaur
Provocation prior to Year 1 Topic

We loved it! As well as having lots of fun we feel like the children will take a lot from the session. Thank you!

by Deborah Richardson on Everything Dinosaur
Dinosaurs and Fossils Workshop

Thank you again - an excellent, well-planned workshop with knowledge and fossils we could never provide in school. The extension activities left will be used to extend learning later this week. It's great value for money, the children loved it and will never forget the experience I'm sure. As one child said, "It's the best day ever!"

by Emily Adams on Everything Dinosaur
Dinosaurs (Year 1)

Excellent teaching and delivery. Great resources. Good engagement of children.

by Victoria Shilton on Everything Dinosaur

A fantastic experience. Children really enjoyed the interactive workshop. Very interactive morning which was highly engaged.

by Felicity McDonald on Everything Dinosaur
Dinosaurs (Reception/Year1/Year2)

Everything Dinosaur was very well organised. They were easy to contact and very helpful. The workshop leader learnt all the children's names in one session and included all the children in the activities. The children were active and all engaged throughout. A super morning!

by Jo Wright on Everything Dinosaur
Dinosaurs and Mary Anning

Brilliant! The children were captivated! Great rapport and use of names. Kept their attention throughout with fun and engaging activities. Artefacts were superb and lots of hands on! Thank you!

by Liz Gillin on Everything Dinosaur
Dinosaurs and Fossils

An excellent session! The session leader kept the children fully engaged throughout. They loved it! Kept children active as much as possible!Thank you very much :)

by Jessica Haigh on Everything Dinosaur
Fossils/Stone Age (Year 3 and Year 4)

The session was well presented and all the children remained engaged throughout. They particularly enjoyed touching all the fossils and being involved by helping at the front of the class.Excellent session and the presenter lead it in an appropriate manner for the age group.

by Faye Finney on Everything Dinosaur
Dinosaurs (Year 1)

Fantastic experience for all the children. The children were able to touch and see the artefacts related to dinosaurs. The children were engaged all way through and thought the workshop was "awesome".

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