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  • Key Stage 1 – Developing Writing Skills

    Key Stage 1 – Developing Writing Skills

    Year 1 and Year 2 Send Everything Dinosaur Thank You Letters Another trip to Yorkshire, a county we know very well, not just because of all the schools we visit […]

  • Teaching about Dinosaurs.

    Dinosaurs in Themed Teaching Activities

    Dinosaurs  in Themed Teaching Activities (UK only) Dinosaur workshops provided by trained teachers and palaeontologists.  Bring a dinosaur to school with a dinosaur workshop run by the experienced staff at […]

  • Make Dinosaur Chocolate Nests

    Make Dinosaur Chocolate Nests

    Easy and Fun Dinosaur Chocolate Nests Recipe Here is an easy and fun dinosaur chocolate nests recipe to help teaching professionals widen the range of activities undertaken in a dinosaur […]

  • Explaining Dinosaur Extinction Using Schematic Story Maps

    Explaining Dinosaur Extinction Using Schematic Story Maps

    Schematic Story Maps Help Visual Learners Children at Wroxton Primary School demonstrated their knowledge to our dinosaur experts during a dinosaur workshop with Year 1.  Under their teacher’s supervision the […]





  • Superb – please continue, would love to see and participate again.  All pupils were totally engaged throughout the session.

    J. Leckie, Pelsall (STEM in Action Day)
  • Engaging presentation style which kept all the children involved and motivated.  Differentiated appropriately, interesting artefacts.  A fantastic afternoon that has got children buzzing and wanting to learn more!  I rate this 10 out of 10.

    Mrs Atkin, Teacher Year 2 Bawtry Mayflower
  • Well organised, clear objectives, good/excellent subject knowledge and child friendly.  Super.

    Key Stage 1 Teacher