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  • Not a Fossil

    Not a Fossil

    A Pseudofossil Spotted in the British Museum (London), a fantastic example of what is termed a “pseudofossil”.  The picture (below) shows a wonderful example of what looks like a fossilised, […]

  • Dinosaur Food Webs

    Dinosaur Food Webs

    Dinosaur Food Webs The national curriculum of England science programme outlines the fundamental topics to be taught to various age groups to provide a broad foundation for future scientific study.  […]

  • Fake Reviews and Feedback

    Fake Reviews and Feedback

    Fake Reviews and Feedback In the UK at the moment, there is a lot of media coverage about fake reviews.  A BBC investigation has found that fake on-line reviews are […]





  • Superb – please continue, would love to see and participate again.  All pupils were totally engaged throughout the session.

    J. Leckie, Pelsall (STEM in Action Day)
  • Engaging presentation style which kept all the children involved and motivated.  Differentiated appropriately, interesting artefacts.  A fantastic afternoon that has got children buzzing and wanting to learn more!  I rate this 10 out of 10.

    Mrs Atkin, Teacher Year 2 Bawtry Mayflower
  • Well organised, clear objectives, good/excellent subject knowledge and child friendly.  Super.

    Key Stage 1 Teacher