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Archive for August, 2018

  • A Beautiful Dimetrodon Model

    A Beautiful Dimetrodon Model

    A Stunning 1:20 Scale Dimetrodon Model Our thanks to prehistoric animal model fan, Elizabeth, who sent us in this wonderful replica of a Dimetrodon, a reptile that lived many millions […]

  • A Successful Dinosaur and Fossil Workshop

    A Successful Dinosaur and Fossil Workshop

    Dinosaur and Fossil Workshop Success Recently, Everything Dinosaur team members were invited up to the beautiful Beacon Museum at Whitehaven, Cumbria, to participate in the Museum’s “Dino Fest”, a weekend […]

  • A “Spikyosaurus”

    A “Spikyosaurus”

    A Colourful Dinosaur Drawing Our thanks to young dinosaur fan Neve, who after attending one of our family friendly dinosaur and fossil workshops, was inspired to send in to us […]





  • Superb – please continue, would love to see and participate again.  All pupils were totally engaged throughout the session.

    J. Leckie, Pelsall (STEM in Action Day)
  • Engaging presentation style which kept all the children involved and motivated.  Differentiated appropriately, interesting artefacts.  A fantastic afternoon that has got children buzzing and wanting to learn more!  I rate this 10 out of 10.

    Mrs Atkin, Teacher Year 2 Bawtry Mayflower
  • Well organised, clear objectives, good/excellent subject knowledge and child friendly.  Super.

    Key Stage 1 Teacher