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Everything Dinosaur are a team of teachers, parents, dinosaur enthusiasts and fossil experts who help support science teaching in UK schools through their outreach activities and dinosaur themed workshops.  Team members also work closely with museums and other educational bodies to help deliver fun, family orientated and informative palaeontology based presentations and science busking.  Our enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable team members animate the exhibits and are on hand to answer questions, provide further information and to conduct practical illustrations using real fossils which reinforce the educational message.
Formed in 2005, Everything Dinosaur has gained a strong reputation for its work in schools ranging from Nursery aged children through to Key Stage 4 and beyond.  Our workshops are built around national curriculum aims and objectives including developing writing skills, aiding literacy and encouraging an understanding of scientific principles, scientific methods and scientific working.

Typical Feedback from Teachers

Ten out of Ten!

Ten out of Ten!

We build in real aspects of palaeontology into our teaching work, enabling students to experience some of the science behind the study of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Our costs are made up of a subsidised amount for the teacher/palaeontologist’s time, plus travelling expenses and a small charge to cover the packing of fossils and any materials used in experiments that we conduct.  Bespoke lesson plans are provided and Everything Dinosaur staff are happy to assist and advice teaching staff with regards to appropriate follow up activities and extensions.
One of the company’s aims is to enthuse and engage the public helping to inform and educate about the amazing prehistoric animals that once roamed our planet.  In line with our core aims Everything Dinosaur specialises in the supply of dinosaur related toys, models and games.  Working in association with museums and other prestigious organisations, we aim to create a market place for accurate, exciting, imaginative and educational dinosaur themed products for old and young alike.  Every single item that makes it into our website is tested and has to be approved by our own dinosaur experts.
Click our logo to visit Everything Dinosaur's on line shop.

Click our logo to visit Everything Dinosaur’s on line shop.

In addition to providing lots of free educational resources, Everything Dinosaur as an enormous blog site which contains over 2,500 dinosaur and palaeontology related articles all written in a way that minimises technical terms and the use of jargon, making the study of dinosaurs and other fascinating creatures open to all those people who share an interest in such things but don’t have a formal scientific training.
The blog was established in 2007 with the aim of providing open access to news about palaeontology, research into dinosaurs and updates on fossil discoveries.  Our blog articles also provide an insight into Everything Dinosaur’s work with schools, museums and other educational bodies as we strive to help inform and educate with regards to the amazing history of our planet.
Everything Dinosaur’s blog articles are used by fellow teachers, parents who home school and by museum and exhibition staff as a source of reference.  We are passionate about what we do and our passion for palaeontology is reflected in the products and services that Everything Dinosaur provides.
When our dedicated team got together, we made a promise that we would read every comment, respond to every email, reply to every question that we got asked. We have just about managed to stick to this principle too.  Not bad for a bunch of H. sapiens.
Each August 1st to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of our company, we bake a cake.  Our cake baking skills are getting better and better!
Dinosaur Cakes and other creative ideas.

Dinosaur Cakes and other creative ideas.