Frequently Asked Questions

At Everything Dinosaur, we believe in trying to help our customers as much as we can.  Our dedicated team are on hand to offer advice, help and support, whether it is for a major museum event or a fossil themed workshop at a school or anything else for that matter.

To aid visitors we have produced a set of “Frequently Asked Questions”, to provide more information about our company, our websites and what we do.

Dinosaur Workshops in School.  What parts of the UK does Everything Dinosaur cover?

Everything Dinosaur team members undertake teaching, science busking and museum work across the whole of the UK (UK only).  Based in Cheshire, the team travel throughout the country working with schools for either a morning or full day and assisting museums and other institutions with dinosaur themed events and exhibitions.

Dinosaur Workshops in School.  What are the costs?

We provide bespoke, formal quotations.  When working with a school for example, our costs are made up of  a subsidised amount for the teacher/palaeontologist’s time plus travelling expenses and a small charge to cover the packing of fossils and any materials used in the experiments we conduct.

For further information: Contact Us/Request a Quotation

Dinosaur Workshops in School.  We are a Youth Group/Scouts/Guides/Society/Museum/After School Club would you visit us?

Everything Dinosaur is staffed by teachers and prehistoric animal experts and we work with a huge range of organisations helping to promote science subjects covered in the National Curriculum and to inform and entertain the wider public.  Our trained team can deliver a wide range of activities in support of helping to develop an interest in dinosaurs, fossils, evolution and Earth sciences.

Dinosaur Workshops in School.  What do your teaching sessions in school involve?

We conduct dinosaur and fossil themed teaching sessions whilst working with National Curriculum learning objectives and intended outcomes.  Everything Dinosaur builds in real aspects of palaeontology into our teaching work, enabling students to experience some of the science behind the study of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.  Our experts work with Nursery through to Key Stage 4 and we provide individual lesson plans for the teaching team to help ensure our work supports teaching aims.

Dinosaur Workshops in School.  Are you DBS/CRB cleared?

Everything Dinosaur is staffed by qualified teachers, and real dinosaur experts all with DBS (Disclosure Barring Service)/CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) clearance.  Certificates are always carried by team members in their outreach work and certificates are available for inspection if required.

Dinosaur Workshops in School.  How long do your sessions/workshops last?

Our work can be individually tailored to meet the learning needs of the students/visitors.  From all day science busking and museum/exhibition tour activities to short dinosaur themed activity sessions aimed at children at Foundation Stage through to two hour sessions or longer working with older students at Key Stage 2/3 or 4.

Dinosaur Workshops in School.  Can you provide my teaching team/administration with lesson plans/a scheme of work?

We provide lesson plans for every school visit and Everything Dinosaur’s dedicated staff are happy to assist further by providing extension ideas and suggestions to help develop teaching/learning themes.

Dinosaur Workshops in School.  Do you sell dinosaur themed teaching resources?

Yes, we supply schools and other institutions with a huge range of quality dinosaur and fossil themed merchandise from our mail order business.  From sets of colourful prehistoric animal models to help younger children with counting and sorting activities, to real fossils, science kits, museum quality models, soft toys, posters – we have thousands of products in stock all checked and approved by our teaching team.
Everything Dinosaur Teaching Resources: Visit our Shop

Dinosaur Workshops in School.  How do we book a visit?

 That’s easy, just drop us an email or telephone the office on 01606 841068 and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

Dinosaur Workshops in School.  How do we pay?

We provide formal invoices which contain payment details for all the work that we do.  For school visits and other similar teaching we can take a cheque away on the day of the visit, or if preferred, simply put the invoice through your next payment run.  Teaching resources can be purchased direct from the Everything Dinosaur shop using debit/credit cards or Paypal.  If the school or educational institute prefers, then they can contact Everything Dinosaur with a school order number and we can prepare the order and despatch goods with an invoice contained therein.  Everything Dinosaur is VAT registered (VAT Number 947 0711 19).

Dinosaur Workshops in School.  Can we take pictures?

Happy for you to do so.  Feel free to take as many pictures as you like, don’t worry too much about making notes as our trained staff will be pleased to provide further information and advice.

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