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by C. Lowe on Everything Dinosaur
Dinosaurs (KS1)

A fabulous, informative workshop in which all of the children were encouraged to participate. They very much enjoyed handling all the fossils and models and had the opportunity to learn plenty of new information. Dinosaur Mike engaged brilliantly with the children throughout. Many thanks.

by megan Chermside on Everything Dinosaur
Dinosaurs (KS1)

Kids were so engaged and taking in every word. Great activities and Mike took a lot of care to even get to know the children. Would love to do this again! Would recommend and thank you!

by Miss Charlotte Evison on Everything Dinosaur
Dinosaurs (KS1)

From the moment I made the enquiry Everything Dinosaur has gone above and beyond to cater for our needs. The workshops were extremely engaging with super resources. Mike is amazing with all children, including those with SEN. I'm amazed at how quickly he managed to learn the children's names! Also great resources for us to use in class. Extremely happy I selected Everything Dinosaur for our WOW day, the children and adults have loved it! Thank you.

by Heather Gough on Everything Dinosaur
Dinosaurs EYFS - Reception

A great session, well planned and delivered. Mike researched our needs prior to coming; he communicated really well with us, making all necessary arrangements in advance. I really appreciated the time he took to look at our website and tailor the lesson to exactly our needs. Class management and control was excellent, appropriate to the age of the children. All pupils fully engaged and independently chose to follow up activities (once back in class) suggested by Mike. Excellent! Thank you.

by Gill Ellidge on Everything Dinosaur
Dinosaurs (EYFS)

Mike delivered two amazing sessions to our Nursery and Reception classes. He got the children really involved in the sessions and his management of the children in terms of their listening and behaviour was outstanding. A lovely touch was how he knew all their names and made it such a personal experience for them all. All the children, and staff learnt so many new facts. There were lots of ooo's and ahh's at the huge fossils. A fantastic experience that I would highly recommend.

by Katie /Allen on Everything Dinosaur
Dinosaurs (KS1)

Everything Dinosaur were fantastic! The children were fully absorbed in the sessions and even managed to entice the session leader into the classroom at the end of the day for a Q & A session. Through the correspondence with Mike it was clear that he was extremely well organised and even took the time to learn the teacher's and TA's names. He also wanted to debrief with all the KS1 team before the sessions, to find out what questions the children were wanting to find out and where we were up to learning . He gave us extra resources that we could use back in the class that had great cross-curricular links.

by Lucy Jackson on Everything Dinosaur
Dinosaurs (Year 1/2)

Mike has been great today! The children have really enjoyed learning about dinosaurs and fossils. The session was active and held the children's attention. Mike was really well resourced and keen to support staff in continuing the children's learning. Mike had used the school website to gather key information about class and staff names etc. He really got to know the children (including their names). Great communication with the staff too.

by Jacqueline Boyce on Everything Dinosaur
Dinosaurs (Year 1)

The session was very active and engaging and the children really enjoyed it. It was lovely how the session leader remembered a lot of the children's names so he could talk to them personally. The lesson was pitched at a great level so all the children learnt from the lesson.

by Mrs McGowan on Everything Dinosaur
Dinosaurs (Provocation) Year 2

Children were really enthusiastic about the workshop as they greatly enjoyed it. All children were engaged by the topic and focused during the session - and all children were given the opportunity to take part and handle artefacts. The workshop leader had excellent subject knowledge and kept the children entertained. I was really impressed at his ability to remember the children's names.

by Sandra Wilkinson on Everything Dinosaur
Dinosaurs (Year 2)

The children were very engaged and focused during the session. Every child was given the opportunity to participate in an activity. I liked the fact that the children were not just sitting for the whole session, they got to act the part of dinosaurs. Fantastic at remembering the children's names.

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