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Whether a museum, college, school or youth club here are a list of tips and helpful suggestions compiled by the Homo sapiens at Everything Dinosaur who are tasked with undertaking dinosaur themed workshops and other teaching activities.  After all, having worked with tens of thousands of people, our dinosaur experts/teachers know a thing or two about providing support for other educationalists.

Dinosaur Workshops in School.  When working in a school or college it is often best to base the teaching work in a single classroom.  It is often easier to bring the pupils to the fossils than having to move fossils from classroom to classroom.

Dinosaur Workshops in School. A few days prior to every school visit the designated teacher/expert will email over proposed, bespoke lesson plans, a suggested itinerary and further information to help the school to maximise the teaching time.

Dinosaur Workshops in School. Our experts deliver teaching sessions that dovetail into the national curriculum learning objectives and intended outcomes.  The individually tailored lesson plans will indicate which sections of the national curriculum the session is related to.

Dinosaur Workshops in School. If a parking space could be allocated close to where the teaching work is to be carried out that would be greatly appreciated and help with the unloading and loading of the vehicle.

Dinosaur Workshops in School. Our objective is always to try and maximise the teaching time, our teacher would need about 5 minutes between each class to re-set things and to prepare for the next session.  You will find that Everything Dinosaur is very flexible in its approach and we can accommodate all sorts of timetable variations.

Dinosaur Workshops in School. Encourage the teaching team to ask questions, and feel free to pick our brains with regards to follow up and extension activities.

Dinosaur Workshops in School. A camera, Ipad, Smartphone to take pictures/video is recommended.  Take lots and lots of pictures and don’t worry about making notes, our helpful staff are only an email or telephone call away and they are very happy to provide further advice and assistance.

Dinosaur Workshops in School. On the subject of cameras, feel free to invite the local press or the school newsletter team along.  Dinosaurs and fossils are very photogenic and this is a great way to promote the activities of the school and to demonstrate use of the pupil premium/innovative teaching/outreach etc.  Don’t forget to post up pictures on the school blog or web page.  A great follow up linked to DT/IT elements of the curriculum.

Dinosaur Workshops in School. When working with Reception through to Key Stage 2 pupils, some children may want to bring in some dinosaur models from home to show our experts, we will always try and make time for this, although we would advise putting the child’s initials on the underside to avoid models and craft items being mixed up amongst the children.

Dinosaur Workshops in School. When working with older children such as Key Stage 3 and beyond a useful and free resource worth exploring is the huge Everything Dinosaur web log.  It is jam packed with information on the latest fossil finds, explanations of scientific terms, updates on genetic research, news stories and features regarding palaeontology and other Earth sciences: Visit Everything Dinosaur’s Blog

Dinosaur Workshops in School. Make use of Everything Dinosaur’s teaching resources such as the downloadable lesson plans, art and crafts ideas, recipe suggestions, extension activities – our library of helpful teaching aids have all been checked and approved by our team of experts.

Dinosaur Workshops in School. For posters, approved reading materials, fossils, fossil excavation kits, models and other items, check out Everything Dinosaur’s shop: Shop at Everything Dinosaur.  Orders can be place on line via a debit or credit card, or if more convenient, contact us and we can arrange to invoice the school/bursar/local authority.  We are happy to offer advice and expert assistance and if you ask us nicely we can even arrange for the teacher visiting the school to bring any ordered items with them (so that you save on delivery costs).  Everything Dinosaur is VAT registered and we make it very easy when it comes to the paperwork to claim back individual expenses or claim VAT back from any purchases.

Dinosaur Workshops in School. Our staff are happy to provide assistance when it comes to planning dinosaur themed activities, whether it is for a special school day, an out reach programme in a museum, or a term topic dedicated to prehistoric animals and life in the past.

Dinosaur Workshops in School. As for payment, our teaching and workshop related invoices are usually included along with lesson plans in the email to finalise arrangements. A cheque  can be collected on the day of the teaching work or the invoice can be paid in the next school/local authority cheque run.

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