Dinosaur Poster Created After Dinosaur Workshop

Our thanks to the pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 at Streethouse Primary (West Yorkshire), who sent into Everything Dinosaur’s office a wonderful set of posters and thank you letters after our recent dinosaur and fossil workshop at the school.  There were some wonderful examples of cursive hand-writing amongst the letters and some stencil inspired prehistoric animal drawings.

Year 5 and Year 6 Pupils Inspired by Dinosaur Workshop

Prehistoric animal inspired posters.

A Year 5/6 pupil created a colourful prehistoric animal poster.

Picture Credit: Streethouse Primary School

Exciting Dinosaur Themed Term Topic

Everything Dinosaur was invited into the school to work with the Key Stage 2 class for a morning.  The workshop provided a provocation for the term topic and during the morning, we challenged the children to have a go at a variety of extension activities.  It seems that our workshop was a great success, earning 5* stars from the teaching team and a comment on the poster, says it all, “it was awesome!”  The prehistoric animal stencils have helped produce a variety of posters and some stencils were even used to illustrate the thank you letters we received.

Examples of Posters and Letters Sent into Everything Dinosaur

Amazing prehistoric animal posters.

A fantastic collection of letters and posters created by pupils in Year 5/6.

Picture Credit: Streethouse Primary School

The photograph above shows just some of the fantastic collection of letters and posters created by pupils in Year 5/6.

We are glad to have helped inspire the children and we wish them and their dedicated teachers every success with the term topic.

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